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Abogado Aly Texas K-9s

Texas K-9 Units in Police Force

When you think of dogs, you think of them as the friendly, family pets that live in your home, run around the backyard, and enjoy a nice bone every now and then. What we often overlook as pet owners is that dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with incredible abilities.   K-9 units are critical factors of modern law, and enhancing… Read more →

Abogado Aly Texas SB4 Law

Texas Sanctuary City Law: Is SB4 Counter-Intuitive?

Texas’s new anti-sanctuary city law, commonly known as SB4, has been a much discussed topic over the past few months. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo recently criticized aspects of the law, which requires police officers to question detainees of their immigration status:   Referencing last week’s mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, Acevedo said, “it is so counter-intuitive, counterproductive. When… Read more →


Texas Wants America’s Taxpayers To Pay For Border Control

The controversy surrounding immigration and border patrol recently got even more concerning. Politicians in Texas have taken it upon themselves to send National Guard troops, as well as state law-enforcement personnel, to protect the Mexican border. Furthermore, they are hoping that the nation’s taxpayers with help pay for a $2.8 billion bill for these efforts. Unsurprisingly, this has many people… Read more →