Abogado Aly Texas K-9s

Texas K-9 Units in Police Force

When you think of dogs, you think of them as the friendly, family pets that live in your home, run around the backyard, and enjoy a nice bone every now and then. What we often overlook as pet owners is that dogs are extremely intelligent creatures with incredible abilities.   K-9 units are critical factors of modern law, and enhancing… Read more →

Abogado Aly Texas SB4 Law

Texas Sanctuary City Law: Is SB4 Counter-Intuitive?

Texas’s new anti-sanctuary city law, commonly known as SB4, has been a much discussed topic over the past few months. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo recently criticized aspects of the law, which requires police officers to question detainees of their immigration status:   Referencing last week’s mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, Acevedo said, “it is so counter-intuitive, counterproductive. When… Read more →