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Abogado Aly is originally from Houston, Texas (a Houstonian as they like to be called). He went to Charles H. Milby High School, which is located in the center of Southeast Houston. Abogado Aly obtained his Bachelors of Business in Management Information Systems with a Minor in European Studies from University of Houston Main Campus. In 2007, he acquired his Law Degree from Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshal School of Law. After law school, Abogado Aly created his own office with his clients being the number one priority. At Abogado Aly’s Office transparency with clients is of the utmost significance. These guys are blue-collar attorneys at heart who are driven to work hard and do the right thing for their clients.

Abogado Aly: Attorneys at Law

At the office of Abogado Aly, they specifically want to represent the Latino community in the most truthful and honest way possible. Transparency is key. Every single attorney and assistant in our offices come from similar backgrounds and specializations. We are dedicated to helping others from being mistreated and want to make sure the mistreatment does not continue.

Mr. Hatamleh spent 15 years running his family’s body shop before heading to law school and gaining his law degree.

Ms. Rodriguez was raised in Houston’s East End. As a kid, she watched family friends be mistreated in the legal system, which fueled her motivation to become a hard working attorney who cares about her clients like a mother.

Ever since Abogado Aly was a young teenager, he has been working hard to support himself. He is a team player. He understands that he is only as good as his entire team and what a hard working team they have. We don’t want to make your problems any worse; we want to solve your problems so that you can move forward with your life. Here at the offices of Abogado Aly, we try to encourage Latinos to understand and stand up for their rights, so that they can stop being mistreated and live a long, fruitful, fair life in the United States of America.

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